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Virus Removal

Has your computer been acting strangely of late? You could have a Computer Virus installed on it.

Computer Viruses are nasty things. They can be very annoying at best, and highly damaging at worst. They are designed with one purpose in mind: to take something from you. That could be either your sanity, or your banking and personal details.

Some computer viruses will take information from you, others will use your computer to spread to others


At The Owl IT, we will thoroughly scan your computer for any viruses and remove it completely. We will also advise you how best to prevent future infections.

We will also update your existing anti-virus software and optimise your system so you can get the best performance from it. And if you don't have any anti-virus, we can recommend and supply software for you, install it, configure it, and show you how best to use it.


If you suspect your computer has been infected by a computer virus, Call 1800 THE OWL or send us an email to speak to a consultant and arrange for an inspection of your computer.

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