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Disaster Recovery Plans

What would happen to your business if your Server failed?


What if there was a fire in your office that destroyed your IT infrastructure? What if somebody from within your business destroyed critical data that you couldn't run your business without?

For these reasons, and many more, your business NEEDS an IT Disaster Recovery Plan.


At The Owl IT, we work with all of our business clients to develop a robust IT Disaster Recovery Plan that will allow us to get your business back up and running quickly in the event of a disaster.

One of the core components of our IT Disaster Recover plans is the StorageCraft ShadowProtect backup software, the gold-standard in backup software. It has saved a number of our client's businesses in the past and we always include it in our Disaster Recover plans. The ShadowProtect software, combined with us keeping an off-site backup copy of our client data, provides a major fail-safe in the event of a disaster to your business.


We also offer:

 The procurement and installation of new hardware to replace damaged hardware

 The ability to recover individual files that have been corrupted/deleted

 The ability to completely restore a business server from a backup hard drive within hours, not days

 The ability to configure a temporary server while new hardware is purchased, if required


Remember that an IT Disaster Recovery Plan is an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY for a business. Without one, if something should go wrong, the potential for your business to be adversely affected or potentially ruined is much higher.

Call us on 1800 THE OWL or send us an email for more information on how we can help your business plan for a disaster.


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