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Managed IT Support Services Melbourne - by The Owl

Discover the Difference That a Managed IT Support Company Can Make For Your Business.


Many factors can make or break a business, and all the components need to be working so things run smoothly. Online and software programs are essential tools in today’s world, so when IT problems arise, everything slows down. The Owl IT offer managed IT services packages to our various business clients in Melbourne to help them take control of their IT budgets while ensuring first-class IT support for their businesses.

So what exactly does Owl offer in terms of IT service Melbourne wide?

Being one of the biggest cities in Australia, Melbourne has many different businesses all over town that use an IT support service to operate. The Owl IT understands that every company is different and may have specific requirements. Whether you run a small business from home, or work in a big office in the Melbourne CBD, we can accommodate our services to your needs and deal with any required repairs that are necessary for your software.


This comprehensive cover will ensure that your business experiences minimum downtime, meaning that less time and money will be lost keeping your technology running. We want to allow our clients to focus on running their businesses rather than interruptions caused by improperly managed IT support and fiddly software issues holding them back.



What we can help you with

Proactive Network Monitoring and Maintenance

Unlimited On-Site, Phone, and Remote support

Vendor Management

Hardware Procurement

No Callout Fees

No Hourly Rates

Fault Alerts and Reporting

Update Management

Backup Solutions

Disaster Recovery


Our company currently offers assistance in Kew, Clayton, Dandenong, Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. Call 1800 THE OWL or send us an email now to speak to a consultant about how we can help your business with software issues.


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