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Repairs & Upgrades

Our Top Notch Computer Repair Services in Melbourne

How many times have you had technical problems that you just did not know how to solve? This frustrates everyone, and can hold you back from working. From a blurry monitor to recovering lost documents, we can assist you with any necessary repairs, upgrades and other computer support needs.

Giving you all the computer support you need

Our technicians provide a wide variety of services to assist you in your computer needs. If a server needs more capacity, or a workstation needs more power, we can help. Or if one of your office computers has stopped working, we can come out and repair it for you. Our Owl techs are fully trained in repairing and upgrading almost any type of workstation computer, laptop, or server on the market. We have the ability to supply just about any part you will ever need to repair or upgrade one of your office computers and provide the best business technical support in Melbourne. Our managed IT services are top rate and we will always provide swift service when your equipment fails on you.


What our technicians will do for you

 Visit your office and diagnose your computer problem

 Explain the issue to you and advise you on what course of action is needed

 If parts are required we will supply them for you

 We’ll perform the upgrade or repair services

 Then we will reinstall the computer on your office network

 Ensure it is fully operational once again


If you happen to be having an issue with your server, we will diagnose the problem and then quickly put a plan in place to fix the issue with minimum disruption to your day-to-day business activities. So give us a call on 1800 THE OWL or send us an email so we can solve your business IT issues.

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