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Active Server Monitoring & Support

Do you want your Business IT is being monitored for problems around the clock?

When you bring The Owl IT on board, we ensure that we can see what's happening on your Business Network at any time, and anywhere our Owl Techs happen to be.

We will configure advanced Network and Server Monitoring software to send us alerts about your Business IT Network and Servers as soon as there is an issue. This means that, in most cases, we will be able to get ahead of an problem causing a disruption to your day-to-day business activities.


Some of the benefits that Active Server Monitoring can bring to your business include:

 Foreseeing that a Hard Drive on your Server is about to fail

 Knowing how much available Hard Disk space there is on your Server

 Understanding how your employees are using your Network

 Ensuring that any security breaches to your Network are discovered as they occur

 Keeping track of issues to check for patterns that cause problems


Active Server Monitoring gives you peace of mind in the knowledge that your Business IT is being looked after at all times.

Our Owl Techs carry Smartphones and Tablets that are loaded with Active Server Monitoring software, so they will receive notification of a problem with your Business IT Network immediately.


So give us a call on 1800 THE OWL or send us an email so we can explain the benefits that Active Server Monitoring  will bring to your Business IT.

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