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Computer Upgrades

Is your Computer running slower or perhaps getting a little out-dated?

Don't replace it just yet. In a lot of cases a Computer can be given a new lease on life with a simple upgrade of a few components that will cost much less than buying a completely new system.

Our clients are constantly surprised at how much more performance a simple component upgrade in a desktop or laptop computer can give them.


Some of the upgrades we've performed for our clients include:

 Memory upgrades to improve overall computer performance

 Hard Drive upgrades to increase storage space

 Multiple DVD burner installations for video editors to mass produce DVDs

 Gamers needing a new Graphics Card to improve game performance

 Case upgrades to support more components inside

In all of the above cases we were able to improve the performance of a computer without the need to spend excessive amounts of money on buying a new system. In most cases an upgrade can add years of life to a computer.

So call 1800 THE OWL or send us an email to let us know what your issue is. We'd love to help you solve your problem and save some money with a computer upgrade.


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