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Home Computer Repairs

Is your desktop computer or laptop computer giving you trouble?


Has it just gone ahead and stopped working altogether?

This could be the result of a problem with the software installed on your computer, or with the hardware inside your computer.


Owl Techs are fully trained in delivering home computer repair services, so call 1800 THE OWL about your computer and let us know what's wrong with it.

We'll advise you on what the most likely cause of your computer problem is and suggest the best course of action to take to get it fixed quickly. Our technicians help ensure you get the best value for money solution in terms of PC and home laptop repairs, to get you back to work (/gaming, /study, /play) sooner.


And remember, if you haven't got time for us to visit for an onsite repair, we also offer convenient remote computer repairs: take it with you to work and we'll pick it up from you there. It's that easy!


Call 1800 THE OWL or send us an email now and tell us about your computer problems.


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