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Want to make the best of your Technology or Software?

Call The Owl IT to organise a training session, and we'll come to you to teach you how to best use your technology.

Our training sessions are booked in 1-hour blocks, so if you need more than an hour just let us know.


Below are just some of the many topics that we can provide you basic training for:

 Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, and 8 Operating Systems

 Microsoft Office 2007 Software

 Microsoft Office 2010 Software

 The Internet and Safe Web Browsing

 Internet and Email Security

 Basic Computer Hardware

 Basic Home Networking


 Safe Internet Shopping

The topics we cover are not restricted to a topic per session, so if you would like us to cram in a few topics into an hour, we'll do our best to cover as much as we can within that block of time.

Please contact us on 1800 THE OWL or send us an email to confirm that we can provide training for the topic you are interested in.

We'll advise you if we're able to provide the training on that topic, or if you're looking to learn about multiple topics in one session, we'll advise you how much time you'll need to book to cover those topics to get the most out of the session  .


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